Our goal is to help your company become more efficient, profitable and flexible to respond to the changing business environment facing healthcare companies today.
Welcome to Clear Consulting
Healthcare providers are devoting more management focus to clinical operations improvements in order to boost productivity and sustain or grow margins. Demands from stakeholders are also focusing healthcare providers on clinical excellence, with patients paying more attention to healthcare quality metrics and payors offering incentives and penalties tied to clinical performance. We help our clients improve both the quality and efficiency of their operational efforts by pinpointing critical changes tied to revenue and operational relevance of strategic partnerships like ACOs and payor contracts that continue to drive revenues.
What We Do
Clear Consulting works with healthcare providers on frontline-driven operations improvements. We combine knowledge and strategy with technology for powerful and integrated business solutions achieved through analytics tailored to the healthcare market. Clear Consulting impresses business professionals with integrated business solutions that deliver a new and efficient approach to business optimization, professional communication, marketing, and patient care while always seeking avenues to reduce administrative costs and maximize revenue. Our consultants have a solid understanding of the multifaceted healthcare market, possess advanced financial acumen and are able to build trusting impactful relationships.
Shared Ambitions True Results
We are the consulting firm business leaders come to when they want enduring results, and a partner who cares as much as they do about achieving them.
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Maximizing Revenue
Our clients typically see margin improvements of 3 -15% over 12-24 months and 15-50% times return on investment. This amount varies by client type and their specific business environment.
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