Providing healthcare business intelligence, our analytics and industry knowledge combine to help your company achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.
Clear Consulting’s Expertise
Clear Consulting is dedicated to delivering comprehensive consulting services to our clients. We provide top-tier products and services, supported by a speedy response. Clear Consulting experts quickly deliver fully functional solutions that help our clients identify and address business initiatives on a regional and market-specific level. We work closely with our clients to determine needs and then collaborate with internal teams to define and map process improvements. Our expertise in strategic planning, maximized reimbursement and revenue, functional operations, and product and service initiatives enable our clients to enjoy a sustainable competitive advantage.
Read our latest case study on payor contracting
This case study provides an overview of Clear Consulting’s engagement with a multi-specialty practice that had substandard reimbursement and outdated payor contracts. Clear Consulting’s approach optimized contract performance. Learn more>
Our Most Requested Services
  • Hospital and Medical Practice integrations, Start-ups, and IPA relationships
  • Integrated Delivery Network formalization and ACO
  • Contract Construction and Negotiations between Payors, Providers, Vendors
  • Reimbursement Negotiations for Managed Care Networks
  • Revenue Maximization
  • Financial Analytics
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Business Development
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Information Systems
  • e-Business Strategies
  • Organizational Design and Development