The Latest Healthcare News
  • Tue, 20 Feb 2018 21:15:25 +0000: Pacemakers, defibrillators are potentially hackable - Reuters: Health News
    (Reuters Health) - Heart devices that use software or wireless communications may be vulnerable to hacker attacks that could cause life-threatening malfunctions, U.S. cardiologists say.
  • Tue, 20 Feb 2018 20:55:02 +0000: ‘Bucket lists’ might help with end-of-life discussions - Reuters: Health News
    (Reuters Health) - Sharing your “bucket list” could be easier than discussing end-of-life medical preferences, and it might be just as useful to your physician, researchers suggest.
  • Tue, 20 Feb 2018 18:17:01 +0000: Popular push for Austrian smoking ban gathers pace - Reuters: Health News
    VIENNA (Reuters) - More than 200,000 Austrians have signed a petition calling for a ban on smoking in bars and restaurants, campaign organisers said - using one of the new right-wing government's signature policies to undermine another.
  • Tue, 20 Feb 2018 18:15:05 +0000: Genes might not predict success of low-fat or low-carb diet - Reuters: Health News
    (Reuters Health) - People who try to avoid junk food may lose similar amounts of weight on a low-carb or low-fat diet even when their genetics suggest that one of these options should be better for them, a U.S. study found.
  • Tue, 20 Feb 2018 18:01:40 +0000: U.S. to extend skimpy health insurance outside of Obamacare - Reuters: Health News
    WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. government on Tuesday proposed extending the availability of skimpy health insurance plans to millions of Americans in another Trump administration move aimed at undercutting the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare.